by Alvin Curran

Opera Paese, Rome
Opera Paese, Rome
Deutzer Brücke, Cologne. Photo Claudia von Alemann


This is an extremely basic installation for any suitable empty space where from 10 - 25 "made" beds (with mattresses, pillow and bedcovers) are placed in symmetrical - asymmetrical patterns. A sound system (preferably portable cassette/CD players) are placed under each bed (see sketch and photos). Each plays a continuous looped tape-CD on which one or more short but distinctive and evocative sounds have been recorded (sounds such as fog horns, ship horns, 1930's dance bands, Mozart, love making, wolves howling, prison doors closing, screaching car crash, a woman singing to herself, children playing etc....). the short sounds, bounded by long silences are recorded in distinct loops repeating in cycles lasting from between 30 seconds to 6 minutes. This in turn creates new configurations and interactions between all of the sounds. The volume level is relatively quiet, the room is in semi-darkness, with specially designed illumination. And the public may sit or lie on the beds as they listen.

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