The first in a series of "sound-writings," by Alvin Curran in collaboration with Melissa Gould, is a very subtle site-specific installation in a cow pasture in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachussetts, commissioned by and for Mass Moca and the Clark Museum of Williamstown, Mass. for the EARMARK sound art show, 1998. The work features a bold onomatopeic gesture - the word "Kaboom" written out in huge 8m high x 2m wide letters across the side of a sloping pastoral hill. Three groups of powerful loudspeakers are placed at equal intervals across the ridge of this 150 m wide hill top. And from three CD players of varied looped durations are heard three distinct sequences of sounds - which for all practical purposes hardly ever repeat their interactions in the same ways.. In sparse cycles from every 3 minutes to every 17 minutes, an imaginary soundscape of wolves howling, ship horns blowing, children calling, giant computers humming, bowling balls striking and many more are combined in this very unusual outdoor mix.


[sketch of installation]

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