program notes, Munich 1991

continental shelf-dance

"wonder bread"

loot and lime

"major space"

"field it"

"dust bowl"

general cluster

before "at Egypt"

from four or more

one and


List 1º and IIº

walking bases

"scusame, I walk alone"

Z train

Little Him - Lo Main

harmony circus

grandma's quilt

when in but out but

"Diana's Quilt" and


"other brothers"

"cords of would"

protein wrappers

solar beans

amino acids


corny island

for Giacinto

Jurassic Times

-- Alvin Curran

Electric Rags II, composed in 1989 especially for Rova, consists of thirty three-minute sections (listed above).  Performances can be 12 minutes long on up to 120 minutes long.  Before each performance, Rova selects the pieces in a random order to be performed for the evening.  Tonite's performance will consist of 14 sections.

-- Larry Ochs

The music, like an experimental voyage, sets out to see what, if anything, lies beyond "improvisation."  To this end both determinate and indeterminate notations will be employed together with a special interactive system, which can reproduce electronically anything the players play -- as they play it or any time after and in some cases even before.  The heart of the piece is a computerized electronic system that will enable each player to pilot one or more Midi synthesizers directly from his own instrument.  A most flexible computer program will, so to speak, "conduct" or spontaneously structure the concert, which in spite of formally notated sections or the highly conditioned improvisational tendences of the players, will produce an ever new version of the work with each performance.  The computer further effects a number of rich musical transformations in real and deferred time of whatever the saxes play.  Hundreds of colors and quasi instrumental sounds are constantly "orchestrated" by the system.  The individual players are obliged not only to react to one another and to the products of decisions made beyond their wills, but will be made to listen to their own playing in quite a new way, since every note they play may end up going anywhere...

-- Alvin Curran

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