on his 50th birthday

Unlike Goethe, Walter arrived at the gates of Rome in an old Audi sedan, but like Goethe he remained there sleeping overnight in his car, in joyous almost religious apprehension about entering the eternal city the next day...That night he had a dream. He dreamt that Meister Eckardt was walking in old Rome and had stopped before a house, Via San Teodoro 8, a small sign was printed there with the letters VSTO. Eckhardt looked up, there was the face of a man in the window. The man looked down and smiled, turned and disappeared. In that moment Eckhardt thought he had heard a most remarkable sound, he wanted to descibe it, to write it down, he fumbled in all of his pockets looking for a piece of music paper and a pen... in desperation he realized he had non and further more did not know how to write sounds on paper - but this sound, these sounds were increasing like a million fine tones swarming around one single one.. at the same time just some yards away, Walter was sitting on the Palatine Hill, meditating on ancient stones.. he too heard these sounds and immediately reached for his score paper and pen... furiously writing down myriad tones coming out of one tone. In roman lore, it is believed that that day is the day Giacinto Scelsi was born......Walter awoke; thinking amusedly on this strange dream, he crossed piazza del Popolo, entered Rosati's and ordered his first cappuccino.

Alvin Curran
Mills College
Oakland, Ca. 94613

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