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Genetically Altered Radio - Barbara Sansone

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Dead Beats, Part 1(2019, Reinier Van Houdt, Dead Beats CD, 1:32)
E poi...
(2007, 2:35)
Era Ora (two pianos, 1986; Ursula Oppens and Frederic Rzewski, For Cornelius / Era Ora LP, 2:44)
First Piano Piece (1966, Richard Trythall, 1:40)
For Cornelius, excerpt 1 (1982); Yvar Mikhashoff Plays Alvin Curran CD, 1:41) excerpt 2 (2:15) excerpt 3 (1:40)
For Cornelius revised, excerpt 1 (1993; Eve Egoyan, The Things in Between CD, 1:40) excerpt 2 (2:22)
For Cornelius revised (Elias-Axel Pettersson)
From Eleanor Rigby (1990; Aki Takahashi, Hyper Beatles CD, 2:16)
Fiori Chiari Fiori Oscuri ("First Cell" strum, 1976; Alvin Curran Light Flowers Dark Flowers LP, 2:32)
Hope St. Tunnel Blues part III (1983; Bruce Brubaker, 2:54)
Inner Cities 1 (1993; Daan Vandewalle, Inner Cities CD set, 1:21). Brief video (Gabriella Smart)

Inner Cities 2 (1994; Daan Vandewalle, Inner Cities CD set, 2:28)
Inner Cities 3, for toy piano (1994; Daan Vandewalle, Inner Cities CD set, 3:12); Xenia Pestova
Inner Cities 4 (1999; Daan Vandewalle, Inner Cities CD set, 2:16)
Inner Cities 5 (1994; Daan Vandewalle, Inner Cities CD set, 2:08)
Inner Cities 6-7 (1994; Daan Vandewalle, Inner Cities CD set, 2:38)
Inner Cities 7.5 (1994; Daan Vandewalle, Inner Cities CD set, 1:26)
Inner Cities 8 (2000; Daan Vandewalle, Inner Cities CD set, 2:04)
Inner Cities 9 (1994; Daan Vandewalle, Inner Cities CD set, 2:58)

Inner Cities 10 (2003, Daan Vandewalle, Inner Cities CD set); excerpt 1 (2:09) excerpt 2 (1:07)
Inner Cities 11 (2003; Daan Vandewalle, Inner Cities CD set, 2:04)
Inner Cities 12 (2005, Daan Vandewalle, 2:36)
Last Acts of Julian Beck (1985; Yvar Mikhashoff Plays Alvin Curran CD) excerpt 1 (0:50) excerpt 2 (1:15)
Little Pearls (1983; Yvar Mikhashoff, 2:14)
Mo' Era Ora (2018; Curran and Ciro Longobardi live in Naples - video excerpt)
Octograms (2008, film excerpt, 0:30)
Schtetl Variations (1988; Yvar Mikhashoff Plays Alvin Curran CD) excerpt 1 (2:20) excerpt 2 (1:33)

Tango no. 1 (1983; Aki Takahashi, Hesitation-Tango CD, 1:20)
When I'm Sixty-Four (1990; Aki Takahashi, Hyper Beatles CD, 0:30)

Small ensembles

Al Forno Al Sugo Al Pesto Al Vino (small ensemble, 2001; ne(x)tworks, 0:38)
The Alvin Curran Fakebook - Excerpts (small ensemble with AC solo, 2016; Mills College, 1:01:53)
The Alvin Curran Fakebook - Excerpts (Valentin Garvie and Valensemble, 2019, Buenos Aires, complete video (51:52)

The Alvin Curran Fakebook, Valentin Garvie

Brute Beat Brut Bruit excerpt 1 (flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello, percussion, speaking voice, live electronics, 2002; Alter Ego and Frankie Hi NRG, 1:30): excerpt 2 ( incorporating Why is This Night Different From All Other Nights, 1:19) excerpt 3 (1:12)
Community Garden, with Walter Prati(keyboard, cello, electronics, 2021, 4.00)
Der Goldene Topf (accordion and percussion; Anne-Maria Hölscher, Bernd Settelmeyer, excerpts total 1:37)

Der Goldene Topf by Achim Freyer, video trailer

Electric Rags II:  Scusami I Walk Alone (saxophone quartet, 1989; ROVA, Electric Rags II CD, 1:33) Other Brothers (1:21)
Edible Weeds (piano, violin cello, flute, clarinet, trombone, percussion, 1988; Group 180, 1:15)
Fault (musique concrete with percussion, 1996; William Winant, 2:08)
First Octave (clarinet and live electronics, 1991; David Keberle, Il Clarinetto CD, 1:55)
Footprints of War (tape, string quartet, bass, banjo, 1997; Robert Black, Mark Stewart, quartet, 2:29)
Her Waltzing With Her (1972; Zwerm electric guitar quartet, 1:42)

Il Pavone (song, 1974; Maria Monti, Il Bestiario LP, 1:11)
La Lista del Giorno (saxophone, piano, electronics, tape, speaking voice, cooking stove, 1967; Music Elettronica Viva, 2:37)
La Traversa (violin, trombone, accordian, 2003; 2:01)

Madonna and Child (female voice and tape of same singer, 1968; Beth Griffith, 1:57)
May I Now:  Era Ora (percussion, 2001; William Winant; 2:31) Hoe Downtown (cello; Joan Jeanrenaud; 1:37) Walkin Base (cello, electric bass, percussion; Joan Jeanrenaud, Fred Frith, William Winant; 1:03) Folk U (cello; Joan Jeanrenaud, 1:42) Choral Reefs (cello, guitar, percussion; Joan Jeanrenaud, Fred Frith, William Winant; 3:04)
Missteps: About Five of Them, Bang On A Can ensemble, January 2020
Pittura Fresca (violin solo, chamber group, 1997; David Abel, Paul Dresher Ensemble, incorporating Bottled Aires, 3:58)
Quinto Piano (a/k/a Playing House and Six Tall Stories, voice and chamber ensemble, 2004; Maarten Altena Ensemble, 1:05) excerpt 2 (1:48) excerpt 3 (1:20)
Rose of Beans, excerpt 1 (accordion, tuba, violin, piano, viola, percussion, 1997; The San Francisco Chamber Players, 1:41) excerpt 2 (1:23)
Rose of Beans II, excerpt 1 (cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, piano, viola, percussion, 2000; St. Petersburg Ensemble, 1:57) excerpt 2 (from piano solo, 1:52)
Schtyx, excerpt 1 (piano, violin, percussion, 1992; Julie Steinberg, David Abel, William Winant, Schtyx CD, 1:10) excerpt 2 (1:34) excerpt 3 (1:42) excerpt 4 (chorale) (1:30)
Schtyx, video "trailer" (9:46):

Schtyx (excerpts): Maya Dunietz, Rebecca Huber, Elyssa Shalla. Video by Susan Levenstein (9:46)

Seven Articles (violin, piano, percussion, cello, bassoon, saxophone, clarinet, voice, 1989; Relache Ensemble, 1:52)
Shofar (first version: rams' horns, computer live electronics, accordion, soprano clarinet, 1990; 1:30)
Strum City
(five electric guitars, 1999; Seth Josel, 2:12)
Theme Park, excerpt 1 (percussion quartet, 1995; William Winant, Theme Park CD, 1:18) excerpt 2 (1:17) excerpt 3 (2:14) excerpt 4 (2:11)
Triadic Limbo (3 or more instruments, 2007; ne(x)tworks, 2:08)
Underwater Princess Waltz (1975; Zwerm electric guitar quartet, 1:44)
VSTO, excerpt 1 (string quartet, 1989; Sharon Wood, Meg Tichener, David Abel, Dina Weinschelbaum, Schtyx CD, 2:20) excerpt 2 (2:24) Full performance by the Southland Ensemble, video.
Why is This Night Different From All Other Nights (ensemble and tape, 1992; San Francisco Contemporary Chamber Players, 2:32)

Large ensembles

A Way, A Lone (chorus SATB, 1983; 3:13
A Banda Larga (band, electronic orchestra, ambulant musicians, and grand soloist, 2018)

A Banda Larga trailer (11')


Beams 2 (for 30 or more musicians):

Beams 2, Tel Aviv 2007 (excerpts; 3:09)

Beams 2, Fremantle 2013 (excerpts). Video by Susan Levenstein (11:20)

Beams 2, Oakland 2014, in collaboration with Molissa Fenley, complete video (33:38)

Beams 3 (Groningen, 2008): excerpt 1 (long tones, 3:40), excerpt 2 (1:47), excerpt 3 (1:45)
Beams Reykjavik (for orchestra and AC solo, Tectonics Festival, 2015):

Beams Reykjavik, excerpts. Video by Susan Levenstein (12:03)

Beams Spike Island (Bristol, UK, for When There Is No More Music To Write)

Beams Spike Island, excerpts, copyright Spike Island. Video by Ry Francis, assisted by Amelia Wring (21:45)

Boletus Edulis (brass band and chorus at Riola, 2008, 2:32)

Boletus Edulis (excerpt): bands at Riola. Video by Susan Levenstein (3:53)

The Book of Beginnings (symphony orchestra, youth orchestra, diskklaviers, and app, 2015. 33:00 on the web)
Cartoline Romane (workshop in a Rome middle school, 2017; video documentary 9:00; audio of complete concert 33:30)
Circus Maximus
(chamber orchestra, 2012; Ars Nova ensemble, 2:27). Complete video:

Circus Maximus from Theo Eshetu on Vimeo 

Concerto per vasca da bagno e orchestra (17 instruments, 2 voices, amplified pool table, basketballs, and shofar, Bergamo, 2017; video trailer, 3:56)

Alvin Curran and Kader Attia for Contemporary Locus, Bergamo

Crystal Psalms, part 1
(simultaneous 6-country radio concert, 1988; Crystal Psalms CD, 2:52) part 2 (2:34)
For Julian (Julian Beck's voice, sax, chorus, taped shiphorns, 1987; Musik für Radio CD, 2:06)
In Hora Mortis (chamber orchestra, 1996; Stuttgart Southern Radio Symphony Orchestra, Lost Marbles CD, incorporating Scusami I Walk Alone, 3:05)
Junk Music (workshop, 2019, Sête)

Just This As If It Had No What
(chorus SATB, 1992; SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart, 0:57)
Maritime Rites Bern

Maritime Rites Bern (excerpts), video by Dampfzentrale Bern on Vimeo (3:54)

Maritime Rites Kiel
("The Docks"; 25 shiphorns on their ships, 1985, 2:53)
Maritime Rites New York (brass bands in rowboats, 2012; West Point and Montclair bands, 1:17), excerpt 2 (long tones, 1:28) excerpt 3 (1:04) excerpt 4 (1:28) excerpt 5 (2:39)

Maritime Rites New York (excerpts), video by Susan Levenstein (11:48)

Maritime Rites Rome 2016 (Riti Marittimi); The Banda di Testaccio on rowboats, 2016:

Maritime Rites Rome 2016 (excerpts). Video by Susan Levenstein (11:10)

Maritime Rites Rome 2012 (Riti Marittimi: Floating With John); 20 musicians on rowboats, 2012:

Maritime Rites Rome: Floating With John (excerpts). Video by Jacob Burckhardt and Susan Levenstein (9:50)

Maritime Rites Palermo - Sirene Per Mare (shiphorns on ships, 2015):

Maritime Rites Palermo: Sirene Per Mare (excerpts). Video by CoronaProduzioni (2:00)

Maritime Rites Philadelphia (Relache Ensemble on barges on the Delaware River, 1987; 7:49 on the web)
Maritime Rites Tate (Diskklavier, cello, sax, tuba, brass ensemble,150 volunteer musicians) Watch video extract 1 extract 2
Music is not Music (chorus SATB, 1990; Choral Academy of the Pacific, 3:14)
Musique Sans Frontières (brass bands, bagpipes, saxophones, choirs, orchestra; 1:00 plus link to entire piece)
Signage (a/k/a Never Say Never; improvising orchestra, 2012; 1:38) excerpt 2 (1:43) a bit of video from 2013
Nineteen Eighty-Five:  A Piece For Peace (simultaneous 3-country radio concert, 1985, 3:06)
Oh Brass On The Grass Alas (350 brass band musicians, 2006): opening 3:01) long tones (2:45) bees and car horns (2:21) unisons (3:07) trills-march (3:30).

Oh Brass On the Grass Alas (excerpts), Donaueschingen Musiktage festival, October 2006. Video by Claudia von Alemann (9:56)

Oh Man Oh Mankind Oh Yeah (choruses and instruments, 2009; the Huddersfield Choral Society) excerpt 1 (chorale) (2:30) excerpt 2 (1:43). Brief version (2014, Adelaide): videos of excerpts 4:24, of complete performance 44:19.
Pozzulana (30 improvising musicians, 2005, 3:01)
Prehistory 1.0 and 1.1 (mixed choir SATB, percussion, tape, and dolmen, 2015, 13:00):

video Antonio Trimani

Rounds (3 or more voices, 1969; the eXperimental choir, Santa Cruz 2010, 2:09)
Smistamenti Generali (brass bands and chorus, 2012, 8:15)
Symphony 1.1 (2012; Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna) opening and melody (2:17) excerpt 2 (1:59)
Triadic Limbo (3 or more instruments, 2007; composers' orchestra, Royal Conservatory of Music, The Hague, 2:11)
Viola Voilà (10 violas, winds, percussion, 2014; Flexible Orchestra): complete performance; excerpt 1 (chorale) (1:57) excerpt 2 (unison melody) (1:05)

Solo performances (AC)

Animal Behavior (keyboard/sampler, 1992; Animal Behavior CD, 2:17)

Canti Illuminati (voice, synthesizer, tape, 1977; Canti Illuminati CD, 2:10)
Containment Etudes (sampling keyboard, piano, conch shell), concert for Contro Richerche Musicali on December 4, 2020


Containment Etudes Early Group: complete concert July 10, 2020
Electric Rags III
(live keyboard electronics, 1994; The Hub: Wreckin' Ball CD, incorporating Bottled Aires, 1:42)
Endangered Species (diskklavier, sampler, synthesizers, 1990; Lost Marbles CD, 2:14)
Endangered Species Mulhouse (shofar, keyboard, electronics, 2017) - complete concert video

Endangered Species Roulette - complete concert March 27,1998

For MG (piano and tape, 1992; 3:26)

Innesti (conch shell, shofar, corrugated tubes, piano, midi keyboard, and computer, 2019; 60:00)

Maritime Rites Wasserkorso (live shiphorns on shore, 1987; Lost Marbles CD; 1:21)
Maritime Rites Philadelphia (musicians on boats, 1987; 7:49 on the web)
Odissea in concert Sala Borromini (synthesizer, piano, tape, 1984; video, 35:30):

video Ulisse and Isabella Benedetti

Omnia Flumina Romam Ducunt / All Rivers Lead to Rome: finissage concert with Angelo Farro at the Baths of Caracalla, Rome, 2019

Finissage concert with Angelo Farro, with the benediction of Senator Vincenzo Bacci

On Hearing the Brooklyn Bridge Sing inYiddish (two diskklaviers, sampler, 2010): excerpt 1 (3:28) excerpt 2 (2:59);complete
Rogues (piano and tape, 2011 with the Trisha Brown Dance Company; 4:08)
Songs And Views From The Magnetic Garden (voice. kalimba, flugelhorn, synthesizer, taped sounds, 1973; Songs And Views From The Magnetic Garden CD) 1: From a Room on the Piazza (2:25) 2: Crystal Aires (1:53) 3: On My Satin Harp (2:28)
Shofar 2 (shofar and electronics, 2006; recorded live in Tel Aviv, 2:42)
Someone To Watch Over What (live electronics, 2003; our ur CD, 1:18)
Songs on one, two, three, four or more notes (piano, voice, synthesizer, 1981; Het Apollohuis CD, 1:50)
Spare Ribs and Short Circuits (live keyboard, sampler, powerbook, 2001; Oasis CD, 1:20)
Toto Angelica (sampling keyboard, 2001; Toto Angelica CD, 1:30)
TransDadaExpress concert performance (shofar and sampling keyboard; The Hague 2007; 9:46):

Curran concert in The Hague, 2007 (excerpts).Video by Susan Levenstein (9:46)

TransDadaExpress 2 Extraordinary Renderings (sampling keyboard, Tempo Reale Festival 2008, Florence, video 3:10)
Under the Fig Tree (synthesizer, 1972; 2010 LP, 1:46)
wallsCAGEwalls (with video by Roberto Masotti; 27:00 on the web)
Weft Warp And Purl (sampler, 2000; recorded live at the Knitting Factory, 2:08)
The Works (voice, piano, tape, 1978 LP, 4:21)

Non-solo performances

Acts of Providence (sampling keyboard, to poetry by and read by Clark Coolidge, 2005; 8:52)
Alvin Curran Filharmonia (voice, cello, guitar, percussion, power-book, piano and keyboards, with Joan Jeanrenaud, Shelley Hirsch, Domenico Sciajno, Fred Frith, William Winant, 2002; "Return to Sender" on Lost Marbles CD; 1:17)
Axiom of Choice (with Alipio C. Neto, Marco Bonini, Ermanno Baron) concert Klang, Rome, July 2021
apogee studio recording (Musica Elettronica Viva and AMM, 2004, apogee CD; 3:38) excerpt 2
Berlin concert (Musica Elettronica Viva, 1967; 2:00)
Conway Hall, London concert (Musica Elettronica Viva, 2004 apogee CD; 4:05)
Ferrara concert (Musica Elettronica Viva, 2002, MEV40 CD set; 1:00)
Kunstmuseum concert , Bern (Musica Elettronica Viva, 1990, MEV40 CD set; 1:00)
Maritime Rites (conch shell, shofar, ship's trimmings; with Cenk Ergün on the Artship in Oakland, 2002; 3:10)
Mass Pike (Musica Elettronica Viva, 2007, MEV40 CD set; 2:15)
Mousetrapbaseballbat (with Cenk Ergün, 2007; The Art of the Fluke CD; 0:31)
New Music America Festival concert (Musica Elettronica Viva, 1989, MEV40 CD set; 1:00)
Palazzo delle Esposizioni, excerpts of performance with Alipio Carvalho Neto and Giancarlo Schiaffini 2014, for the exhibition “Anni 70. Arte a Roma,” 14’.  Thanks to Claudio Fusacchia. 

Shofar III (with William Winant at the San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum, 2009; video of excerpt, 2:19)

Shofar III with William Winant (excerpts), 2009. Video by Susan Levenstein (2:19) 

Spacecraft (Musica Elettronica Viva, 1967; Spacecraft/Unified Patchwork Theory CD; 5:00)
Stedelijk Museum concert, Amsterdam (Musica Elettronica Viva, 1982, MEV40 CD set; 1:00) excerpt 2
Stop the War (Musica Elettronica Viva, 1972, MEV40 CD set; 1:00)
That's a Plenty (with the Brunotes, 1958; 2:42)
The Sound Pool (Musica Elettronica Viva and audience, 1969; The Sound Pool CD; 2:08)
Tufo Muto (tape, four percussion, rock group, two wind ensembles, 1990; 1:25)
Waterworks Linz (shiphorns, brass orchestra, tape, fireworks, with Pierre-Alain Hubert, 1987; 6:15)

Tape pieces, radio works, music for film and dance, installations

A Beginner's Guide to Attracting Birds (tape, 1995; entire piece, 44', on the web)
A Day In The Country, excerpt 1 (natural sounds, 1968; 2:24) excerpt 2 (2:23)
Ancient Talking Heads + Passi (installation and performance; 4:05)

Alfredo Pirri and Alvin Curran Passi - Palazzo Altemps, Roma 2018 from Artribune Tv on Vimeo

Cartoline Romane (musique concrete, for radio, 1987; 2:35)
Covid Containment Etudes (video with Mike Cooper)

Covidly Yours: Making Music With Anything (video by Susan Levenstein, 2020; 4:00)

Covidly Yours by Susan Levenstein

Diario indiano (performance by Vita Accardi, December 2019) - excerpt

E42 (film E42 by Cynthia Madansky, 2015; trailer, 0:59):

E42, video by Cynthia Madansky (trailer)

Effetto Puglia (film by Annabella Miscuglio, 1987; 30:28):

Effetto Puglia, complete  

Endangered Species (video by Ira Schneider with music by Curran, 2009; video excerpts, 2:40 on the web)
Erat Verbum Alpha (natural sounds and live electronics, for radio, 1988; Riverrun CD, 2:14)
Erat Verbum Charlie (natural sounds and live electronics, for radio, 1992; 4:08)
Erat Verbum Delta (natural sounds and live electronics, 1993; with The Hub, 1:48)
Erat Verbum John (natural sounds and live electronics, for radio, 2000; State of the Union CD, 1:37)
Gardening with John 1.1 (natural sounds, installation, 2006; 4:00)
Genetically Altered Radio (two interactive computers and radio, 2002; P-ART CD; 1:26)
I Dreamt John Cage Yodeling in the Zurich Hauptbahnhof (musique concrete, for radio, 2005; incorporating Music Is Not Music, 4:53)
Ice, Dew, Food, Crew, Ape (choreography by Molissa Fenley, 2009, on music from Maritime Rites NPR; complete video 25:19 from Molissa Fenley on Vimeo)

Ice, Dew, Food, Crew, Ape, complete

(video by Cinzia Sarto and Paolo Buggiani with music by Curran, 2010; video excerpts 4:50)
Innominabile (tape and speaking voice, 2010, excerpts 2:05; Vita Accardi on text by Samuel Beckett with sets by Nunzio):

Innominabile 9:07

Irrawaddy Blues (musique concrete, complete on the web 47:30)
Land im Klang (installation with video artist Uli Sigg)

Little is Left to Tell - Endimione (performances by Vita Accardi on texts by Samuel Beckett and Claudio Damiani; complete video 46:00 on the web)
Living Room Music (musique concrete, for radio, 2009; 3:09)
Magic Carpet (sound installation, 1970, 1:19)
Maritime Rites (sounds of the East Coast of the USA with AC soloist, for radio, 1984; Maritime Rites CD set; 2:18)
Maritime Rites: Coastline (...with Steve Lacy soloist; 1:59)
Open Cage (installation with Roberto Masotti, Gerardo Lamattina, Lino Greco, 2007; video excerpt, 7:56)
Omnia Flumina Romam Ducunt (All Rivers Lead to Rome, installation at the Baths of Caracalla, 2018, 4:10)

Omnia Flumina Romam Ducunt, opening - video by Susan Levenstein (4:11)

Omnia Flumina Romam Ducunt, walkthrough - video by Susan Levenstein (11.48)

On the Roads, excerpt 1 (natural sounds with electronics, for radio, 2007; 3:01) excerpt 2 (2:37) excerpt 3 (2:58)
Notes From Underground (collage of voices, installation, 1987; 1:49)
The Painted Song / Il canto dipinto (art on paper with Edith Schloss)
Palchi Irreali (sound installation, 2013;2:24 starting at 7:13)
Pian de Pian Piano (sound installation, 2017; video, 1:35)

Pian de Pian Piano; 2017 video by Alvin Curran

Pian de Pian Piano; 2018 video by Alvin Curran and Susan Levenstein  

Rhinestones/Bigiotteria (installation with Luca Spagnoletti, 2011; video (2:08-3:05).
Ritratto ABO (voice of Achille Bonito Oliva and natural sounds, installation, 2004; 1:29)
Romulus And Remus Make A Ruckus (natural sounds, installation, 2003; Lost Marbles CD; 1:05)
Shin Far Shofar, excerpt 1 (natural sounds with electronics, installation, 2008; 2:12) excerpt 2 (2:24)
Shofar Rags CD (shofar, instruments, electronics, 2013): Shofar Puro Alap (2:02), Shofar x 17 (1:40), Shofar T Tam (2:06), Alef Bet Gimel Shofar (1:07), Shin Far Shofar 1 (2:02), Shofar der Zeit (1:20), Shin Far Shofar 2 (1:31)
The Glove (video by Eric Baudelaire, 2020)

Torzam (Diskklavier, installation, 2010; video, 4:00)


The Twentieth Century (Diskklavier, installation, 2004; 2:54)

Totodonaueschingen (live electronics, 1999, 5:00)
TransDada Express: Extraordinary Renderings, excerpt 1 (musique concrete, for radio, 2006, 1:46) excerpt 2 (1:49)
Un Altro Ferragosto, excerpt 1 (musique concrete, for radio, 2002; 3:26) excerpt 2 (2:03) excerpt 3 (1:06)
Vindobona Blues (sound portrait of the contemporary art/music scene in Vienna, for radio, 2005; 40:00 on the web)

Interviews and Talks

Interview by Charles Amirkhanian for KPFA's "Ode to Gravity," 1972 (81 minutes, with emphasis on Musica Elettronica Viva, MEV2, and "Music for Every Occasion," featuring "Under the Fig Tree")
Interview on American Public Media by Warren Burt about "Maritime Rites," for NPR's American Music Mavericks series (Chicago, 1982) ; music from "1985 - A Piece for Peace" (16 minutes)
Interview by Charles Amirkhanian for KPFA's "Speaking of Music," 1989 (124 minutes, with emphasis on and excerpts from "Maritime Rites," "Waterworks," "Crystal Psalms," and "Electric Rags II")
Interview with Barbara Golden - one of her Conversations at the "Crack o’ Dawn", KPFA, 1991, 42:36
Morning Concert, Other Minds, KPFA 1991
Recites "Caged Notes" on RAI Radio 3 ("Audiobox"), 1993 (in Italian, 25 minutes)
"Waking Up to Alvin Curran" Wednesday, November 26, 2003. A Conversation with Frank J. Oteri at the American Music Center. Complete transcription of the one-hour interview, plus excerpts in audio and video.
Interview on Kunstradio (Vienna, 2005) about Vindobona Blues.
Interview about and in Gardening With John installation by RAM radioartemobile, Berlin June 2006 (video, 3 minutes):

Gardening With John 1.1, Berlin, 2006; video by Antonio Trimani

Gardening With John 1.1, Loreto Aprutino, 2020; video byKarolina Liusikova (2 minutes)

Interview with Curran about Gardening With John 1.1 (17 minutes)
of Daan Vandewalle introducing the Inner Cities cycle, 2007. (You'll need iTunes to listen to the podcast.)
Panel discussion on Curran's music with Thaddeus Squire and Gene Coleman, Slought Foundation, Philadelphia, February 4, 2007 (60 minutes, including 10' of concert)
Musica Elettronica Viva post-concert panel discussion with Frederic Rzewski and Richard Teitelbaum interviewed by Robert Worby at the 2009 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (36 minutes)
Interview on Dutch radio, about Inner Cities and On Hearing the Brooklyn Bridge Sing in Yiddish, etc. VPRO, November 2010 (in English, 23 minutes).
Talk for Meditare il Mediterraneo, on UNINETTUNO Internatiional Telematic University, 2013(video in Italian, 53 minutes)
Interview about artist Edith Schloss at Tagore Gallery in New York City, 2015 (video, 27 minutes)


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